Unfortunately, Ready to Wear

Model on top of abandoned car with backpack

A changing climate isn’t a future problem—it’s ours, right now.

Unfortunately, Ready to Wear is the joint effort of Milk and Luka Sabbat—aimed at building a legacy of environmental conservation and empowering the next generation. In partnership with NRDC, we’re helping build a sustainable tomorrow. This is about more than politics and policy; it’s about fighting back against environmental threats with innovation and creativity that speak to a collaborative vision for a healthier planet.

Introducing the Unfortunately, Ready to Wear collection: combating five major threats to our environment and health with a capsule collection of future-facing prototypes. These garments are built to help people withstand Heat Waves, Extreme Storms, Infectious Diseases, and Air Pollution, as well as assist Environmental Refugees.

It’s simple: if we don’t act now, these prototypes will turn from fashion accessories into climate necessities.

The future is now. Take part in defending it.

The approach to creating the collection was to offer a realistic perspective of what we will inevitably need when the environment becomes less inhabitable. In this scenario, function prevails.

– Luka Sabbat

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